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During periods of rest, the ability and quality of your recovery is noticeably improved by Swiss stone pine. This experience has now been confirmed scientifically.

Fifty-five flexibly mounted Swiss stone pine plates ensure uniform pressure balance in all sleeping positions. Shoulder, neck, back and legs are gently relieved, simultaneously supporting the lordosis and pelvic area.


Height: 11 cm


BENEFITS at a glance:    

     • 55 flexibly mounted Swiss stone pine plates

     • Shoulder drop

     • Pelvic support

     • Spiral grooves cut into the surface of each plate

     • Metal-free


Like the Tree of Life, Swiss stone pine connects you to pleasant memories, as anyone who has ever sat in a Swiss stone pine-panelled room and breathed the unmistakable pine scent can tell you.


Swiss stone pine beds and bedding with Swiss stone pine ingredients are growing in popularity. A night’s sleep in a Swiss stone pine bed is quieter, steadying the heart rhythm and accelerating recovery. The body’s ability and willingness to regenerate itself and its reflexes benefit from this quality. Sensitivity to weather decreases. We physically and mentally recover better.

Swiss Stone Pine Plate Frame