This one-of-a-kind bed is manufactured from all natural materials. The base model comes in solid pine, oiled and brushed upon request. RUHEPOL® also comes in oak or walnut. A rolling slatted frame made with solid pine/ash slats is built into the box spring, allowing for easier cleaning.


You can change the appearance of the bed as you wish by placing slipcovers, also made from all-natural materials, over the headboard and the box spring.

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Solid wood natural bed

    • From pine, oak or walnut, brushed/oiled

    • 100% free of plastic and metal 

    • Changeable – natural-wood look or with slipcovers made ​​of natural fabrics like cotton, linen or loden 

    • 100% sustainable and biodegradable

Life is all about change. Even RUHEPOL® allows for this possibility. Cotton, finest linen, jute or loden quilted with sheep wool – these natural materials are processed into a bedcover that can be placed at will on your RUHEPOL®.


Pillows – natural latex, pine, sheep’s wool
The pillow is an essential factor in a wonderful night’s sleep. Supportive natural latex flakes,
temperature-regulating, soft wool balls and calming pine wood chips provide a stable, peaceful positioning of the head the whole night through.


Toppers – natural latex, camel hair
The 6-centimeter natural rubber and camel hair topper, with a washable java cotton duvet cover upon request, gives the RUHEPOL® that lovely softness and provides a balanced bed temperature.


Mattress – natural latex, rye straw
Back to the source: the ancient Egyptians dreamed their dreams on rye straw. Its protection against infections is legendary. Plus, it gives your RUHEPOL® that needed extra support.

Slatted frame – coconut, pine, ash
Coconut - pine - ash slats

•  Innovative roll-up slatted frame with solid wood trim in pine or ash

•  Latex-coated coconut moulding for better support

The calming effect of Swiss stone pine, combined with the stability and flexibility of the ash—the solid wood slat frame with 19 pine/ash mouldings is easy to clean and ensures excellent circulation, coupled with the soothing scent of pine. In addition, the roll-up frame is completely quiet, thanks to latex-coated coconut fibres.

RUHEPOL® Natural Bed

The appearance of a box spring mattress, but 100% free of plastic and metal. Pure nature, the shielding effect of a rye straw core and the calming effect of pine.

When life longs for a little variety again, you can easily remove them. That way you can once again enjoy the scent and the benefits of the essential oils in the wood.


RUHEPOL® is exclusively manufactured from local forests, supplied in cooperation with companies from the region. At the foot of the Petzen Mountains.