Natural Latex 95% | white horsehair 1,200 g/m2

Firmness: medium plus or firm
Height: 22 cm


Version available for allergy sufferers



     •  Organic cotton: KBA cotton, quilted with 500 g/m2 pure sheep’s wool, with optional pine flakes incorporated. Cover removable - not washable.

     • Cotton/cashmere: elastic cotton/cashmere fabric from controlled biological cultivation, quilted with 500 g/m2 pure sheep's wool. Cover removable -

        not washable.

      • Java cotton: elastic Java cotton/lyocell fabric, quilted with 300 g/m2 kapok fibre fleece. Cover is removable and washable at 60° C and is suitable for

        allergy sufferers.


          Additional covers are available upon request.




BENEFITS at a glance:

      • Perfect sleeping comfort

      • Antibacterial

      • Antistatic/electrically neutral

      • Natural air conditioning for people who tend to overheat

      • Fine and extra-long white horsehair with considerable bounce 


The “cool” place to sleep
Horsehair cools on hot summer days and maintains an even, pleasant temperature. Horsehair can absorb up to 25% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. At night, when the body releases moisture, horsehair absorbs it from the mattress. The next day when the bed is aired, the moisture is released again. Even during the summer, when temperatures are high, you can enjoy a pleasant, dry sleeping environment. The breathable and point-elastic natural latex provides a wonderful sleeping experience.

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Natural Latex - White Horsehair Mattress