Natural latex 95% | horse chestnut mat

Firmness: medium or firm
Height: 20 cm


Version available for allergy sufferers!



     • Organic cotton: KBA cotton, quilted with 500 g/m2 pure sheep’s wool, with optional pine flakes incorporated. Cover removable - not washable.

     • Cotton/cashmere: elastic cotton/cashmere fabric from controlled biological cultivation, quilted with 500 g/m2 pure sheep's wool. Cover removable -

         not washable.

      • Java cotton: elastic Java cotton/lyocell fabric, quilted with 300 g/m2 kapok fibre fleece. Cover is removable and washable at 60° C and is suitable for

         allergy sufferers.


         Additional covers are available upon request!


BENEFITS at a glance:

      • Perfect for neutralizing trouble spots

      • Ideal for people with sleep difficulties

      • Medicinal plant of the year

      • Soothing

      • Made from renewable resources 


The heart of this unique mattress is the original horse chestnut mat from Bernegger, consisting of 690 parts. The horse chestnut mat reduces the interference zones of water veins and earth radiation in a natural way. The solid natural latex core with a visible 7-zone contour is likely the best orthopedically in terms of the mutual adaptation between the human form and the mattress. The integrated drainage structure regulates the sleep requirements perfectly—no heat or moisture build-up.


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Natural Latex - Horse Chestnut Mattress