Natural latex 95% | latex-coated coconut fibre | horsehair 1,000 g/m2

Firmness: medium or firm
Height: 22 cm


Version available for allergy sufferers!



     • Organic cotton: KBA cotton, quilted with 500 g/m2 pure sheep’s wool, with optional pine flakes incorporated. Cover removable - not washable.

     • Cotton/cashmere: elastic cotton/cashmere fabric from controlled biological cultivation, quilted with 500 g/m2 pure sheep's wool. Cover removable -   

        not washable.

      • Java cotton: elastic Java cotton/lyocell fabric, quilted with 300 g/m2 kapok fibre fleece. Cover is removable and washable at 60° C and is suitable for

        allergy sufferers.


         Additional covers are available upon request!



Cool, rugged and durable—in a nutshell, these are the characteristics of coconut fibre. We use coconut matting primarily only as the middle layer in our mattresses, precisely because these characteristics, in combination with highly elastic natural latex, represent a perfect blend of fine body adjustment and natural strength that’s been proven over decades. Like all compact natural fibres, coconut also has a calming effect on your sleep.

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Natural Latex - Coconut Fibre - Horsehair Mattress