Natural latex 95% | camel hair 300g/m2

Firmness: medium plus or firm
Height: 20 cm


Version available for allergy sufferers!



     • Organic cotton: KBA cotton, quilted with 500 g/m2 pure sheep’s wool, with optional pine flakes incorporated. Cover removable - not washable.

     • Cotton/cashmere: elastic cotton/cashmere fabric from controlled biological cultivation, quilted with 500 g/m2 pure sheep's wool. Cover removable -

        not washable.

      • Java cotton: elastic Java cotton/lyocell fabric, quilted with 300 g/m2 kapok fibre fleece. Cover is removable and washable at 60° C and is suitable for

        allergy sufferers.


          Additional covers are available upon request!



BENEFITS at a glance:

     • Perfect sleeping comfort

     • Antibacterial

     • Antistatic/electrically neutral

     • Temperature-regulating



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Natural Latex - Camel Hair Mattress