elky natural mattresses ◊ a family business since 1927


The place: Southern Carinthia, at the foot of the Petzen Mountains. The year: 1927. The man: Engelbert Skias.

A young lorimer and saddler by trade and hungry for success, Engelbert realised his dream when he opened his first workshop. His primary service was upholstery, but he also began to manufacture mattresses. In those days, mattresses usually consisted of three layers made of natural materials like horsehair. In 1954, Engelbert’s company moved to its present location in St. Michael/Bleiburg.

Four years later, with the second generation already managing the family business, led by Engelbert’s son Rudolf, the company began the industrial manufacture of mattresses and reclining furniture. With the expansion into a modern manufacturing plant in 1961, the brand “elky” was launched. Rudolf decided to name his state-of-the art operations after his first-born daughter, Elke.

In the same year, the company became one of primary suppliers of Kika & Leiner, a partnership that continues to this day.

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In addition to numerous new developments, the company focused on the processing of natural materials and truly pioneered in the field of natural mattresses


In 1994, after the death of Rudolf Skias, the company's fortunes fell into the hands of its namesake. Following family tradition, Elke Obertautsch assumed the third generation of the management of elky mattresses GmbH. And in 2000, the great-granddaughter of the founder, Ariane Obertautsch, became the fourth generation to manage the family business.

The beautiful countryside surrounding the natural jewel of the Petzen Mountains motivated Elke and Ariane to develop mattresses and sleeping systems that completely focus on nature. "Naturally elky" became an independent product line and company division, focusing on providing people “rest for body and soul,” embedding the one-third of their lives spent sleeping in nature.

Sustainability and acting in harmony with nature is a material concept and the company’s primary philosophy. All components used by "naturally elky" must be made of natural, healthy and tested materials and are 100 percent biodegradable. From nature - back to nature.

Together with its partners, “naturally elky” wants to bring this concept closer to its customers. No one should be deprived of the wonderful experience of "natural sleeping." The art of mastering life well begins with finding time for yourself and your recovery.